Simply enter the purchase price of the car to receive a landed & complied cost in Australia. You can also adjust the various other fields if you wish to see how they will effect the final price.

        Car Purchase Price in Yen: Car purchase price, in yen.¥
                                      FOB Fee: FOB (Free On Board) amount in yen. This covers costs required to get the car on the boat on the way to you. Examples may include buyer or agent fee's, auction house fee's, freight from the auction house / seller to the docks, buyers fee's, air-con de-gass, deregistration costs, etc95,000¥
Exchange Rate (Yen to the $AUD): The number of Japanese Yen that one Australian dollar buys.
FOB price in Australian Dollars: Car FOB cost in Aussie dollars (FOB in yen, divided by the exchange rate).$0
        Import Monster service fee: Our service fee. $
                                Import Duty: Import Duty, 10% of the FOB cost $
                                           GST: GST is calculated on the car FOB cost, PLUS import duty. $
          Telegraphic Transfer fee: Bank charge to transfer money to Japan to pay for the car and FOB costs. This amount will vary depending on your bank. $
Shipping / wharf / customs fees: Cost to ship the car from Japan to Australia, this amount can vary depending on the size of the car, destination port and customs, quarantine and warf fees.$
Optional shipping insurance fee:$
                           Compliance fee: The cost for import approval, compliance plate and the actual compliance work to make your car meet Australian Design Requirements (ADR's). This varies depending the car, and compliance plate availability.$
                                New Tyres: Your car may need new rubber, either because of low tread, or the rubber may not carry the DOT symbol. This symbol means the tyres are approved by Australian authorities.$
                                Immobiliser: Many insurance companies require your car to be fitted with an immobiliser or alarm.$

                        Estimated Total: Estimated car cost, landed & complied in Australia. Remember that some costs are variable therefore can have a minor effect on the estimate$0.00