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Welcome to Yahoo Japan! If you are looking for something, anything Japanese, here's where to find it. With millions of auctions spread over near 40,000 categories, if it is for sale, you'll find it on Import Monster's Yahoo Auctions Japan!

Easy! We list Yahoo Japan auctions in a friendly, easy to use website. We allow you to bid, in realtime, on these auctions, and if you win, we deliver these goods to your doorstep. If you are new to Yahoo Japan, or wish to learn more, click the 'help' button above. We have a number of articles spread over various categories that should answer your questions. If not, you can always contact us!

Get browsing! The categories from Yahoo Japan are listed, in English, on the left of this page. Click any header category to view sub-categories, and navigate until you reach your desired category.

Check above! The box below will allow you to search the current category you are viewing. If you haven't selected a category yet, then the search will include all categories from Yahoo Japan. If you have clicked a header category such as 'Automotive' then the search will be for all categories & listings within this header category. You will know which category you are searching as the category name will appear next to the search box. If you are within a listing category (a category with auction listings) then the search will search that category only. Searching can be tricky, as you generally have to search for the Japanese word using Japanese text. You can click for popular terms or otherwise ask us for help.

No dramas! click the 'help' button above. We have a number of articles spread over various categories that should answer your questions. If not, you can always contact us!

Something not make sense? With nearly 40,000 categories, we can't manually translate them all. Some of the automatic translations can seem a little strange, if this is the case please contact us to let us know. We will take your comments on board and update where necessary. Power to the people!

Why is Import Monster the best source for Yahoo Goodness?

  • Fraud Guarantee! - Import Monster GUARANTEES we can obtain your item for you. If we are unable to obtain your item , perhaps because the seller is a stooge, or your item went missing somewhere between the seller to our factory, we refund any costs associated with that order, 100%.

  • Upfront & Transparent Fees! - We charge one simple fee as our commission. The commission varies depending on the item and its price, you can click the 'estimate shipping and charges' link on any auction page to check our fee. WE DO NOT: mark up freight, charge you handling costs, charge you wire transfer fees, etc. All freight is charged AT COST! There is NO COST to use our website unless you win!

  • Full Yahoo Goodness! - We bring you ALL of Yahoo Japan, for your browsing and bidding pleasure! Check out some of the weird and wonderful items available on Yahoo Japan, however please avoid bidding on fresh food (it might go off!) and anything that customs might think is naughty (like weapons).

  • Multiple Description Translation - Sometimes the 'Engrish' or 'Japlish' is a little hard to understand. On any auction page, look below the images and above the existing description translation for a new link to get a different translation. This new link will translate the description using Google, whose translation engine is different to the one that Import Monster usually uses for the descriptions.

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